Breakages & emergencies

Orthodontic emergencies are rare, but they do happen. After your braces are fitted, we will show you a video on how best to look after your appliance. With proper care, your braces should last you through treatment, but if an emergency happens, our team is here to help.

Breakages & emergencies

What is an orthodontic emergency?

There are a few types of orthodontic emergencies including:

  • Suffering trauma to the mouth
  • Brackets that dislodge from your teeth
  • An archwire that is broken or sticking out
  • Extreme pain

If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact our team as soon as possible so we can get you in for an appointment. We can also give you tips on how to take care of the problem at home in the meantime.

If you are experiencing soreness or teeth that feel a little loose, these are not emergencies – they are a normal part of orthodontic treatment. Soreness after fitting or adjustment appointments should go away after a few days.

What should I do if my braces are broken?

If you experience a breakage of your appliance, contact our team as soon as possible. We will schedule an appointment to fix your braces. If a bracket has come completely loose, make sure to bring it with you to your appointment.

You can apply some dental wax to archwires to prevent them from poking you, or bend the end of the wire out of the way with a pencil eraser or some tweezers until you can visit our practice.

What should I do if my braces are broken?

Practising proper brace care

It’s important to know how to look after your braces to ensure your treatment stays on track. Eating with braces requires a few changes to your routine, and you should make sure to protect your appliance with a custom mouthguard during contact sports.

It’s best to practise the prevention of orthodontic emergencies wherever possible. When you experience breakages it can seriously set back your treatment timeline. That’s why it’s important to get in as soon as possible if you do lose or damage your appliance.

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If you’re experiencing an orthodontic emergency, please reach out to the helpful team at Guildford Orthodontics so we can get your treatment back on track. If you have a problem which requires emergency advice outside of practice hours, please call the practice on 01483 567772.

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