NHS patients

The NHS covers the full cost of orthodontic treatment for patients under the age of 18 who present clear orthodontic need. You can book a consultation with Guildford Orthodontics to find out if your child qualifies for NHS treatment.

NHS patients

How do you qualify for orthodontic treatment on the NHS?

To qualify for treatment on the NHS, you must be under 18 and meet the criteria in the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN). This scale is used to score orthodontic issues to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary for a child’s health.

At Guildford Orthodontics, we can only accept a limited number of NHS patients. If your child qualifies for NHS treatment, we can put them on a waiting list. If they do NOT qualify for NHS treatment, we can still treat your child as a private patient.

NHS treatment costs

There are no fees for those who qualify for NHS treatment. That being said, the NHS only covers treatment with metal braces. If you would prefer more aesthetic options, you must pay for them yourself. In addition, you are in charge of covering the costs of general dental care.

NHS treatment costs

Early treatment

We recommend all children have an orthodontic examination around the age of seven or eight to identify problems of tooth development. It is much easier to intercept orthodontic issues at this age.

Some orthodontic problems include:

  • Teeth that are crowded and overlapping
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Narrow upper jaw
  • Lower teeth that jut out in front of upper teeth
  • Canines that sit higher than normal in the smile
  • Poor quality first permanent molar teeth
  • Missing teeth

Some of these problems can be managed with early intervention treatment like simple removable or fixed appliances or tooth extractions. This can simplify (or prevent the need for) treatment later in your child’s life.

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