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Clarke Twin Block


Clarke Twin Block appliances are simple bite blocks that are designed for full-time wear to correct the appearance and functionality of a protruding jaw (usually the upper, resulting in ‘buckteeth’).



How Do Clarke Twin Blocks Work?

This appliance comes in two halves which work together to posture the lower jaw forward. The upper has the bow and cribs and a mechanism in the centre to widen the arch.  The lower part has blocks but no mechanism with clasps that go over the molar and front teeth. It is generally used in younger children prior to their growth spurt and it’s usually a first phase appliance followed by braces.

The appliance needs to be worn full time and only taken out when eating or playing sports. For best results the patient needs to be religious in wearing the appliance.

Common side effects are that speech may initially be affected and the saliva flow increased as the brain believes there is something stuck on the roof of their mouth making the patient feel very “slurpy”.  It does settle down very quick, along with the patients speech after a few days.

The mechanism at the top of the appliance is used to expand the arch.  A key is given and this is used weekly to expand the appliance.

Cleaning can be done with a toothbrush and toothpaste. We also recommend that you use Retainer Brite once a week.  Please notes that the appliance can become slippery when cleaning so it may be good idea to place a flannel in the wash basin prior to cleaning in case the appliance falls and cracks on the surface.

When the appliance is initially fitted it may need adjusting.  If the patient is finding the appliance really loose then a visit back to us will be required.